Things I want to see go FOSS in 2020:

* Dropbox
* Automate Android App
* GitKraken
* Nvidia drivers
* Zoom
* Discord
* Telegram (back end. Front end is already FOSS on some platforms)

@Batcastle I really hope that Nvidia at least *improves* their FLOSS driver :D

@Batcastle opening discord wont help, as 90% of the users will still download the binary from the origin and get tracked - never-mind its bad technical design(webapp, JS, etc)

@nifker While it may be true, it should get some better performance and become more secure over time. And who knows? Someone may even make a fork of Discord that doesn't have those issues.

@Batcastle you'd probably get better result moving to XMPP or Matrix.

Discord would probably still be centralised so once the investors pull the plug you'd be left with just a frontend and no one to talk to.

@Batcastle FOSS Zoom and Nvidia would be amazing. While I can see how some would benefit for FOSS Dropbox, there's already great alternatives like Syncthing or Nextcloud that make it redundant

@viduno Yeah this is true (I have a Nextcloud server myself so I know all too well) but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Competition is good, if you have the resources to handle it.

@Batcastle I'm very skeptical of Discord ever going FOSS. Way back before they blew up I tried asking them on Twitter if they had any intentions to open source and they seemed strictly opposed to it. I would guess they're hoping for another Skype situation (bought out at its most valuable and then pillaged with ads).

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