Has anyone ever used a company to write their resume for them? If so, was it worth it?

@AsteroidMiner Never done this, just switched to writing mine in LaTeX and have had some success with it.

@AsteroidMiner @architect can confirm that having a latex resume and making a pipeline to auto compile makes you feel like a badass

@Katsudon @AsteroidMiner @architect do you know if those work with the automated systems that a lot of companies use to weed through resumes? I did a version of mine in Latex, but it failed in auto populating the fields in various online job boards I tried to use, so I'm not sure if going with a custom Latex resume was actually handicapping me.

@zingbretsen @AsteroidMiner @architect mine has been working surprisingly well. I imagine that they use some sort of image recognition as opposed to looking at byte code. So make sure to add enough spacing between chunks?

@Katsudon @zingbretsen @AsteroidMiner It's just using OCR, so as long as you don't have crazy multi-column layouts, it'll get loaded mostly correctly. Might have to do some minor touch-ups in systems that allow you to modify the parsed results.
In Dice, my biggest issue is that section headers get merged with the first entry, nothing crazy.

@architect @zingbretsen @AsteroidMiner yeah, I have multi column and and have a similar experience. Usually it's my university entry and the first experience entry that get merged

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