Started a new job just under a month ago and have yet to do any real work when I had my dev environment setup and ready to go on day one (thanks Linux). That plus the fact that the culture isn't really a great fit for me, I think it's time to quietly start looking yet again....Ugh....😑

Is this with a larger company? Larger companies have a longer ramp up time for new folks. Depending on other factors it may be worth the wait.

@jco42 It is a larger company. That said, what's throwing up red flags is that they don't have any processes in place for development. They don't use Agile Scrum or any kind of framework. No project managers, no documentation of any kind for the applications I need to work on. Tasks are assigned by "Oh, hey, we need this thing" but no tickets are created. It's just word of mouth. No one knows what anyone else is working on, and this is a dev team of 6 people.

Ah, well yes that does indeed sound like a dumpster fire.

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