I've been working on young my 3D modeling game. Here's a gallery of some of my current projects:


I used Ubuntu Studio for quite a while and liked. I've been using Manjaro KDE and I think mostly what I like about is the KDE features. I think I'm definitely going to check out the new KDE Ubuntu Studio!


Here's a project that combines my design, woodworking and musical interests. I built this workstation to be able to organize my audio equipment so that It would be easy to take with me to house show and what not. (not that I'm doing any house shows with covid about) but it still works as a space efficient way of organizing my stuff.


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You can still submit tracks until the end of this month for the running #LibreMusicChallenge
This months theme is of course Halloween, but as always, there's a twist.
You have to use Patroneo for generating the midi data.

Read all about it here:

My housemate asked me if I know what to do with a couple of old useless laptops. Yes I do, install Linux and make them not useless anymore! So that's what I'm doing. I've got the order of the two working smoothly. I haven't started on the other one yet but this looks like a case of it not being the computers that were useless just the software!

This is my submission to this months the theme is "Halloween"

Harvested is the nightmarish tail of a sword carrying loner who prefers the companionship of a swarm of organ harvesting microbots to other humans. Our protagonist is in pursuit of an escaped abductee who could expose the heinous ring of evil scientists who are capturing people to use in their experiments in military cybernetics.

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Libre Music Challenge 5 is alive.

In this months challenge we're gonna make a Halloween themed track with Patroneo, the "Easy Pattern Sequencer"

read more here linuxmusicians.com/viewtopic.p

I've been making a lot of random little things out of scrap wood from the garage. One of my recent projects was to make a hook and pulley system to store this kayak.

Here's my submission to this months the theme was "Listen to the MuzaK" It's good to see other open source audio producers showing their work!


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