New mouse day!!

Feels like the logical endpoint of going claw grip only.

Alright I'm over here finally done with the FFXIV Queue, I can play! Time to stream

God I keep getting baited by the Twitter trending window.

Every single time I see a trend that's even vaguely interesting, the whole trend timeline is just talking about the fact that it's trending with no substantial input.


I wonder if there's ever been some kind of study about how many people end up using baby wipes to clean surfaces like glasses, smartphones, and computer peripherals, instead of their stated intended purpose.

I was so impressed with PipeWire for handling audio I decided to learn to edit videos to make this.

Wtf I can independently control the volume of an audio source as fed to me vs the same source fed to OBS.

Wrapping my brain around pipewire for Twitch and YouTube streaming purposes.

I'm barely starting to get it and already it does everything you would expect voicemeeter and virtual audio cables to do in Windows.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...