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I seen to be getting 500 internal server errors when I try to follow people today. Well, one person. On the instance, but...

Apparently Red Hat 8 is now in alpha - which makes me think that a 2019 release is quite possible with CentOS 8 about six months later :D

Busy rebuilding my LibreSSL based LAMP stack for CentOS 7.5.

I've always made the src.rpm's available but with this round of rebuilds I'm starting a git repository for the spec file / patches.

61 more packages to rebuild, but I'm heading to bed...

The brotli tests were skipped, I suppose I need a library for brotli support to work. But that I'll investigate later. Right now just want the damn spec file to build me shiny new curl RPM.

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TESTDONE: 1005 tests out of 1006 reported OK: 99%
TESTFAIL: These test cases failed: 1451
TESTDONE: 1196 tests were considered during 1199 seconds.
TESTINFO: 190 tests were skipped due to these restraints:

Well I disabled the one curl test that failed (SMB which I don't need), building curl again...

curl has a very time consuming extensive test suite

But I was able to download what was needed on my laptop (which does have Intel wireless w/ drivers in the kernel) and get the kernel tainting broadcom driver for current kernel.

I need to rob someone so I can afford a low profile Intel pci-e card and not have to worry about binary blobs again.

Sucks being poor.

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Gah so I finally got my local CentOS 7.5 system updated. I have to mirror the repos because I need them local for mock because I have sh*t bandwidth.

But dammit I need an Intel wireless card, this broadband requires closed source driver with a binary blob. And after updating, no Internet.

Tried rebooting into old kernel from CentOS 7.4 to download update and it wouldn't boot because of firmware updates. Gah.

It would mean to use libraries from any given repository you have to import the public key from that developer, but... that's the whole point.

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I love composer for developing but I hate it for production because of security issues. I know Packagist doesn't scan code, you can publish to it and it is instantly available, so it is always possible for malicious code to end up in it.

What I would like - is something where developers can define their repository with GPG SIGNED packages.

composer install will fetch, verify the signature against the key ring, and refuse to install if fails.


New thing on You can make invite links personal so the person who signs up using the invite automatically follows you

Looks like a bug has been triggered within the EOS network, all nodes stuck, the entire blockchain is frozen at 1027926. They probably need to patch every single node in the network and reboot them... 🤣🤣🤣 The Truth of shitcoins revealed.

It sucks that there are four different FireFox updates for the updates mirror - each 83M - when I just use FireFox downloaded from upstream anyway... but such is life.

Wish CentOS would purge outdated updates from the repo.

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Finally am getting the CentOS 7.5 updates mirrored... when that is done, I will be able to start rebuilding my yum repositories against latest CentOS.

Low bandwidth sucks.

Open Source folks: why do you have a problem with open source and not with Free Software?

Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t get that… it’s so hard to understand what you’re saying when you’re busy kissing Google’s ass.

Neoliberals: Ooh, look at you looking so presentable and talkin’ so smoothly about human rights and social justice. Let’s hang sometime.

Also neoliberals: oh, wait, so you actually want to change the system I benefit extraordinarily from? What are you, some sort of communist or something?

Right libertarians: I love how you talk about decentralisation and individual sovereignty. Here’s to sticking it to those filthy governments!

Also right libertarians: Wait a minute, you want to stick it to corporations too? But then how I can be the next CEO-King?

Can anyone recommend a good Mastodon client for GNU/Linux that is easy to navigate with the keyboard (like a terminal application)?

qt-doc rpm - 128 MB - damn, what the hell they have in it?

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