OpenMW: an open-source re-implementaiton of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

The developers ask help plan OpenMW’s future!

The project is almost ready to become version 1.0.

OpenMW’s project leader Zini, with feedback from the project’s most active contributors, has produced the first draft of an enormous design document detailing the next steps.

Check it out via the link.


C++11, ABI incompatibility between versions, and .

I got it all working - I effing got it all working :D

seriously if you want to read my snark on trust fund kids scamming people through low quality hosting, follow @kaniini

@kaniini @kaniini Initially I thought you said "low quality housing" - that applies too.

My multimedia package repository for CentOS 7 has been updated. Currently features:

3.4.2 (4 is planned w/ 4.1)
1.14.1 + lots of patent violating plugins
2.2.8 (3.0.x in planned)

I only build 64-bit packages.

NSFW Tech Content Warning 

Finished building all the LibreSSL based packages for my alternative modern LAMP stack for CentOS 7.

Just need to update the website to reflect...

Via @torproject :

#MacOS bug can leak some data from external drives to the System volume, even when the external drives are encrypted.

#infosec #GoodTimes

Getting closer to my LibreLAMP stack update being ready - Apache and 8 external modules are done, about 16 or more external modules + php and all the pecl modules I need.

But - the MariaDB 10.2 update has a consequence, the embedded server library versioned so I either have to rebuild everything in CentOS/EPEL that uses it - or build a compatibility library package just for that shared library.

I think that is what I'll do.

Use ??? I do, and the version I use is vulnerable - though the cli isn't available to people who would need to exploit this to do damage...

-North America:
"That guy is saying the F word in a TV program. Let's censore the audio and also pixelate his mouth!"
-Also north america:
"Look how we drone the shit out of civilians! And let's give our kids weapons and military propaganda!"

Okay I got the MariaDB 10.2.15 build for CentOS 7 squared away. It was confusing because the* library wasn't being being built.

The rawhide spec file I started with deletes them for fedora >= 27 and CentOS > 7 (not released yet) but it turns out that is really only needed for MariaDB 10.1 - the 10.2 just doesn't build them.

So I have to build mariadb-connector-c for packages that need that shared library.

Oh wow - just finished - all tests passed :D My MariaDB build looks good.

Now have some tweaks to do...

Tests still running, haven't noticed any failures yet but haven't been watching every one but so it is looking good.

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