Fuck offfffff! I get this shit every time I open the #YouTube app. Doesn’t matter how many times I dismiss the message, it just keeps coming back.

@kev I advise newpipe on mobile and freetube on desktop. If you want something web based, I advise looking at invidio.us

@blacklight447 @kev

invidio.us is sadly pro-fascist speech and the creator has refused to do anything about hate speech on the platform.

Personally, that's a dealbreaker.

@danarel @kev for you, for me its just an easy to use tool that's privacy friendly.

@blacklight447 @kev

I prioritize not spreading racist propaganda over ease of use.

@danarel @kev how is using a tool that used by someone else with a different opinion spreading racism. Racist also use cars, should we also stop using cars now?


@danarel @kev
Don't bother arguing, he's not going to understand the stupidity of what he's saying.

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