Thoughts on Enso OS 

To reboot for updates, or to try beating my uptime record for this installation...

I did an overview of , as they recently released version 15. It was a fairly polished experience, but I had some concerns...

I've been using Pinafore for Mastodon for a long while now, but I've gotta say, I'm really liking the new default Mastodon interface.

I can understand the appeal of the original, multi-column view---which is still available to use---but this looks a lot better to me.

Recorded a first impressions video of (probably going up tomorrow), and it's pretty good overall.

I'm not usually a fan of a heavily-customized GNOME (like what Manjaro does), but I do like Zorin's implementation. Feels really polished.

Stuff I've been up to 

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After 2 months of hard work, AppCenter now has support in Git master. Massive shoutouts to David Hewitt and others!

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Users have asked us about a dark style preference in elementary OS. In our latest story, Cassidy dives into the research and prior art around dark styles, plus shares how it could be achieved not only in elementary OS, but across desktops.

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@davidmcdougal @Wimpy @popey We're currently working on adding snap support to the Software Boutique.

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Random tidbit: elementary users have paid hundreds of dollars for my little apps in AppCenter, even though it's not required. All other distribution methods combined (including Flathub, Fedora, etc.) have grossed $9. From one person.

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Today we've updated the Librem One website with two important documents:

A short guide to staying safe online no matter what online service you are using. Like our policy document we've kept it short and to the point, with links to more detailed, independent resources if you'd like to learn more.

As well as a code of conduct that makes it clear we will respond to reports of harassment, for example on Librem Social, our opt-in social network.

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From @purism's latest blog post (,

"In addition to blocking users, Librem Social will offer flagging of content for DMCA copyright violations, spamming, harassment, and illegal activity."

While that is a bit reassuring, I have to wonder *how* it will offer flagging of content, when the function of reporting users is disabled.

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We're on Liberapay now! Head over to if you'd like to support us there.

Follow-up to my toot yesterday: After concerns about the moderation policy--or lack thereof--on have come to light, I likely won't migrate completely.

I understand @purism's stance on freedom, but I don't agree with disabling the ability to report users.

At the same time, you, as a user, can block other users individually. So, I don't think blocking the entire instance is warranted... But I do think that Purism could handle this better than they currently are.

Just a little heads-up: I'm kinda-sorta migrating over to @akzel

Though since @pinafore makes using multiple accounts so easy, I'll probably keep checking this account anyway

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We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN. No ads! No tracking! No data sharing! Just the best end-to-end encrypted communication and social. Join the revolution today and take back control of your data and life #LibremOne

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One of the biggest reasons I love GNOME and Pantheon is that they *don't* feel like Windows. Say what you will about familiarity, but GNOME and Pantheon are great because they *don't* adhere to the traditional desktop metaphor.

This may be why I think Cinnamon is "boring."


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Y'all, everybody gets called out sometimes. @Jewbacchus called me out for posting something I didn't know was anti-semitic and another friend checked me when I was using ableist language. Trying to avoid fucking up is trying to avoid learning and growing. Be grateful folks think you're worth investing the time in to not make an ass of yourself. There's nothing wrong with apologizing, & fighting that L doesn't help anybody. We all gotta take it sometimes. Not everything's an attack.

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