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Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?


I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!




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Cis people: "You’re 15 now it’s time you choose your path at school which will eventually impact your future diploma, your future work and all your life."

Trans people: "I might be a girl …"

Cis people: "NO! You’re way too young to know !!!"

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tech dystopia 

"if you don't have any of these you're not a real person"

That being said, that has also been the only major issue I've had that's Silverblue-specific. For my use cases, Flatpak has been a no-fuss way to get apps, and I do like the benefits of ostree: easy rollback in case of an update causing problems, and the ability to easily rebase to other OS images.

I'd be very interested to see other Linux distros try out a similar system (2/2)

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So it's been a couple weeks on Fedora Silverblue now.

I've been mostly avoiding layering packages with rpm-ostree, so I've made a lot of use of Toolbox. It's really convenient, but there have been some programs that require "real" root, and so I can't run them via toolbox (I am still new to working with toolbox (and podman), so I don't know yet if there's a way around that), but this hasn't happened too often anyway. It isn't a big issue for me, but still a noteworthy one (1/2)

So with the announcement of the

1) I just ordered a PinePhone recently so I'm a bit disappointed I didn't wait
1.5) original PinePhone is also half the price of the Pro, so honestly that's probably for the best for me because budget

2) As others have said, it's basically a Pinebook Pro in the form of a phone. so that's pretty cool

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It's essentially a Pinebook Pro in a PinePhone form factor
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Please, don't panic: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been published on October 12, 1979.

Exactly 42 years ago 🙊

So, I didn't last long very long on Plasma. Other than the major stuff mentioned in the previous post, there were a lot of little annoyances that added up enough that I decided I'd just switch back now

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So right out of the gate,

1) I miss dynamic workspaces and how GNOME emphasises that workflow; feels clunky on Plasma in comparison

2) With how many settings there are, Plasma feels more like a desktop where you're given a base to set up your own environment, rather than a more focused design like GNOME or Pantheon have. Not inherently a bad thing, but definitely not what I'm used to

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Gonna hold off any thoughts related to stability for now as this is still in beta, but, I have gone ahead and made the switch

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Starting tomorrow (maybe tonight) I'm going to start a challenge* to daily drive KDE Plasma for the first time in a few years, after basically using just Pantheon and/or GNOME lately

*except I don't expect it to be challenging, per se, just different from what I've gotten used to and prefer.

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This LTT clip from yesterday is quite relevant to what I was saying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvk5tVMZQ_U&t=1247s

If it’s confusing for Linus of all people, what’s it like for the average person?

So, while I couldn't budget for a new *flagship* phone, I did decide to order a PinePhone. So that's due sometime late this month or after. In the meantime,

1) I installed postmarketOS on a Moto G 2015; it and phosh are cool, but due to hardware issues it isn't really usable

2) Gonna install LineageOS on my Pixel again, but vanilla this time. i.e. no GApps, just LineageOS. we'll see how that goes

I do still plan for elementary OS to remain the target platform for Roll-It, but...kinda tempted to experiment with libadwaita now

After about a week on Fedora Silverblue I've gone from "ok this might be cool to check out" to "I want Silverblue on all the things"

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I've finally blogged about the dark style preference in GNOME. Took a lot more time to write about it than I expected. :)


Day 4 on Fedora Silverblue:

Honestly? Between already heavily using Flatpaks + toolbox being super easy to use, I haven't felt limited by the immutable base at all. Switching over to Silverblue has been a very smooth transition for me.

Also being able to rebase to something like Kinoite to try KDE again and then just rollback fairly cleanly (had to fix some gsettings after, but, still mostly clean).

So one app that I hadn't been able to move over to the Flatpak of was OBS, because something in it kept causing a GPU hang.

I've finally discovered that the cause of the problem was that I had left an old, unmaintained plugin (obs-linuxbrowser) in my config folder, which, when loaded, would consistently cause that issue.

tl;dr I did a dumb but realized what the dumb was and OBS flatpak works perfectly now

the moral of this story being that you can still install GUI apps in a toolbox on Silverblue just fine if you really have to, no need to layer a package with rpm-ostree (though I assume there might be exceptions a toolbox wouldn't work for)

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