So what is the best Linux distro after all? 

I'm getting a new laptop next week (Dell XPS13) and I'm excited and all that, but...


So far I've been using ElementaryOS, but I think I'm ready for a change. On a different computer I've been using Debian + Mate desktop, but that feels a little old? Tried Gnome 3 before but that's too fancy for my taste.

What's a nice clean yet modern distro + desktop?


So what is the best Linux distro after all? 

@gka I'm currently running Manjaro with the XFCE desktop. Very simple and clean, but has a bit of a learning curve for all the different customization options. My recommendation coming off elementary is Mint w/Cinnamon. It's modern looking and simple for anyone who's used Windows previously. Plus, mint is Ubuntu based like elementary, so what you've learned with your previous distro will still be very relevant and useful to you.

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