I've just thrown Johns Hopkins University data into ML algorithm to estimate outcomes. By the end of February 2021 we might see about 1% of human population (~78 million +- 1million) affected by covid-19. Unless the vaccine comes or some other miracle happens. This is terrible.

I've never thought I would need to install OSX as VM for a silly bug which was appearing excusively in Safari. Thanks Apple for not making Safari crossplatform. Very nice.

Does anybody plan to travel this year while on vacation (or blue screen sunburn is enough) :) ?

Well, if you wanna block IP in ufw you need to insert it in 1 position.

I like ufw. I've been using iptables. Never tried ufw. Game changer. Seriously.

Mortal Kombat 11 is great. I think last time I played MK when I was in school (on Windows 98). I didn't expect story mode to be like a movie.


New "Streets of rage" are amazing! It feels like back in 90th again. Reminds me Sega's "Double dragon" or "Ninja turtles".


I've discovered cluster cases for Raspberry Pi on Amazon (for multiple units). Now I'm curious about its use. Do you have one ? What do you use it for ? Something creative ?

Anybody started supplementing recently (vitamins or minerals) ???

Is Intel NUC worth it (as home server) ?

ZOOM story:

My friend was saying they had a remote lecture on Zoom. Somebody random joined and took conrol of the system. At first this person took a brush and started drawing random stuff. Later launching apps began.

I can't imagine how funny it was. 🤭

Do you know any good open source issue tracker ?

Uuu, Engrampa archive manager can handle .exe files. Thanks, updated my UT3 server (to Titan pack).

How good PC can you get in size not bigger than PS4 ???

Hmmm. So many people still use Zoom. Do you use it too (even knowing it's malware like) ?

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