So, did you like Cyberpunk 2077 story ???

Just finished Cyberpunk 2077 (main, side, gigs, scanner, cars). Why did they decide to put multiple endings ? It doesn't feel like story has an end.

Backdoor to encryption doesn't seem like a good solution. That might be exploited by hackers. Don't like that.

I think users will be forced to host their own e2e encrypted chats.

This is a pathetic move. Discord found a reason to ban them. So is this how tech companies are going to deal with it from now on ?

Does anybody know any good libre file recovery tool on Windows ?

That would be cool if I could host my git projects in Nextcloud :github:


If you are Halo, Unreal Tournament or Quake fan, you should check Splitgate: Arena Warfare. It is new and free game. I am hooked.

Germany and France are going in a new lockdown. :(

Looking for up to 9 brave people to play Among us !

Does anybody play "Among us" ? Mmm ? Yes ?

Okay, don't remove Uplay account if you have some games in Steam (from there). I purchased "South Park: The fractured but whole" in Steam. I had to create Uplay account and later on I finished the game and I removed Uplay. Now I felt nostalgic and I wanted to play it. I created a new account in Uplay aaaand it's gone.

Does anybody play Microsoft Flight Simulator ?

Does anybody want to play something together (like Minecraft) ?

Well, smart rss beta is in testing.

I labeled about 1000 rss titles I liked. Now Naive Bayes does the trick with suggestions.

Okay, my Android fell and screen cracked. I'm sad but it had so crappy battery. I think I'd rather get something new.

Any suggestions ?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla is not coming to Steam (only Ubisost store and Epic Game store).

I've just thrown Johns Hopkins University data into ML algorithm to estimate outcomes. By the end of February 2021 we might see about 1% of human population (~78 million +- 1million) affected by covid-19. Unless the vaccine comes or some other miracle happens. This is terrible.

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