Hmmm, can iron golem help me in nether fortress ?

Does anybody know any software to schedule emails ?

What is your favorite gaming console/device?

Finally, the one pinging Amazon servers in background even if you never clicked it.

"Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Ditches A Feature That鈥檚 Been Annoying You For Years"

How are you feeling about Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker?

I don't why but every time somebody says FOSS I think of a mass of hair. FOSS FLOSS FUZZ ?


Is it just me or Netflix has a crappy recommender system?

I don't know why but "The Orville" is much better than "Star Trek. Discovery".


Have you ever had a problem with Anydesk? I use it with Ubuntu 18. When I type on remote machine it gives me multiple keys (I press A, it prints AAA).

Hey, Minecrafters :) Where do you play multiplayer?

Minecraft Java Edition server: opened tcp on 25565 and can play globally.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition server: opened udp on 19132 and nothing.

Did anybody have this issue?

"Lost in space" is not bad. I like the story :)

Happy New Year everybody !!! 馃帀馃帀馃帀

I've set Minecraft bedrock server but I'm unable to set external access. I opened udp on 19132 and 19133. Did anybody have this issue?

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