Does anybody play Unreal Tournament 3: Black Edition ?

Shit. Today they laid off the first person in my office because of the crisis. Let's see what happens next.

So how do you spend your free time lately?

Is there a feature of sharing to local timeline ?

My friend got coronavirus. She is ok, her bf is a bit worse. Hope for the best.

Does anybody know a good npm module with charts (time series charts to be used in ReactJS app) ?

How was your week ?

How do you entertain yourself in Minecraft (survival mode) ???

Do you know other instances similar to "" (Linux, open source, software, etc) ?

Toilet paper apocalypse is silly.

Don't get me wrong, but my grandparents were using mostly small squares of newspapers in their toilet ("aka hole in the ground"). Nobody's ever complained. The last thing you should be worry about right now is the toilet paper.

I have an old email in one of local providers. They block VPN servers for IMAP/POP services. So I can't use Thunderbird if my VPN is ON.


Anybody knows if "Pixelfed" discover tab shows the images from other instances?



Hey. You have Pixelfed, right? Can you see posts from other instances in discover tab?

Wow! Stacer is amazing. Best Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring tool.

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