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PowerShell is the greatest product Microsoft has ever released. I am not a fan of OOP, but PS is such a pleasure to script that I can forgive them for it. Pipes++

huzzah! I didn't break my wsus server after all! Netops broke it.

just had to interact with a windows xp machine. those gooey feelings people have for xp? pure nostalgia, xp did not age well

I somehow broke our wsus server at work. and by broke I mean I clicked update and after a restart it refuses to bind to the network. oh well, who needs security patches for windows anyways...

Dear fellow colleagues,
You probz don't know me. I am one of your friendly sysoperators. I broke the windows update server. here's the tarball for arch, just curl that and install it, thx bye.

Just published a little Firefox extension. Been playing with FF extensions at work the last two weeks or so and decided to make a silly extension and see what the official avenues to extension creation looked like. Check out my extension --NSA Mode:
also src:

System updates on my Arch machine, net install size is -36Mb. Meanwhile one of the Windows servers at work updated with a net size of +4Gb...

After being bitten by my new bearded dragon for the 6th time I have finally decided to name him Richard Stallman.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...