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I started playing with emacs yesterday... and then I discovered Doom Emacs and my 'playing with' has become 'converted too'.

@SolusSpider thanks for the list I'll work through it. and yeah, I usually end up there once a year or so. I'll remember to take you up on that offer next time I'm in for a visit

@SolusSpider how's the IT work in Lexington? My brother in law and his family are just about 30 min down 75. My wife wants to move closer to them and Lexington was one place we were considering.

@SolusSpider actually a true story, more or less about me (minus the salary, and that I sat through the entire interview). Though I did use Ubuntu in high school. But when I came back to Linux after about 10 years I went to Arch because it looked neat and I owe my job to that choice.

@SolusSpider Arch. They can thank me later when they're rocking that 6 figure salary cause they walked into the interview said "I use arch btw" and walked out with a job

@progo @xahlee in locales with the resources, dumping water onto structural fires from planes/helicopters is a decently common practice.

@chmod777 that's the smartest way of keeping count! haha. I buy two pounds of coffee a week. I bet I could figure that out in terms of cups. it'd get me close to the real number

@chmod777 that's 104 more cups of tea than me! But also I would estimate I've had between 400 and 500 cups of coffee this year.

How are you tracking?

@s31bz is that true though? I can't find any sources that say anything other than MS has a 85+% market share in all western countries. Outside of EU and US it's Linux, but Android's fork.

@bennydarshan forget the safety, it's great but at the same time it's not the best part. compiles to llvm and wasm natively. the built in methods are great. it's heavily typed Python with C level speeds basically.

@LibertyPaulM @malin anything that lumps a sizable portion of people into a catchall is probably best avoided.

@codehaiku after three minutes I decided it wasn't gonna reboot. forced it off and back on, booted in under 30. might have been a fluke. I know that a/b systems are areal pita

LineageOS users: is it typical for LineageOS to take a while to boot/reboot? I don't mind too much if it does, but this is my second or third reboot and they all take more than a minute.

Running 16 on a Pixel.

ended up going with a Pixel instead of the Nexus 6p. The bootloop that some 6p's suffer scared me and the Pixel is the same price, but a smaller size and newer. Got LineageOS up and running now!

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