Quite pleased to see Mastadon finally implemented instance-wide blocking on a user-to-user level. (Probably did this a while go, I've been off for _ever_)

Anyone use Yocto? Trying and failing to get my Raspberry Pi recipe to build with JRE support. Icedtea keeps failing to build because `error: ‘char* strncpy(char*, const char*, size_t)’ specified bound depends on the length of the source argument [-Werror=stringop-overflow=]`

@xahlee what did I just watch? 😂 this is like the gayest riot ever

@NickFreeman Nevermind. I misread. I thought you were looking at 26.950, but you're looking at 26.965. So you are looking at citizen band, channel 1.

@NickFreeman USA? Everything from 26.750 to almost, but not quite 27.000 is reserved by the US Government for US Gov usage. 26.950 is in that range, but it is also right next to CB 1 range.

@Funky_ @hund that's wild. I live in Virginia, you don't even need a license to carry a gun around... not being able to carry a knife is bonkers to me.

@pinguim I love qutebrowser, except for the regular crashes and the 10 seconds to load. I use it and ff on the daily

@xahlee you probably have the push updates/analytics options turned off. the first fix they have requires that those bad boys are turned on to get the update. they said they are still working on a solution for those without these options turned on

@PMMEYOURSEXYPOEMS def do. you'll be the coolest kid at school next term.

@PMMEYOURSEXYPOEMS I gave up on trying the 'cool' network tools and got network manager installed. makes everything easy. arch should have any drivers you need in the repos, arch isn't a foss-centric distro

@PMMEYOURSEXYPOEMS come to the darkside, get arch and install i3. enjoy 2 second boot times and the liberation found in throwing out your mouse

@PMMEYOURSEXYPOEMS this is my second try with it. tried spacemacs my first time and it felt like I was driving a boat. ended up deciding to try it again and began with my own format but then found doom emacs by chance and it is probably going to make me into a full time emacer.

Swapped my vim for Doom emacs and couldn't be happier!

@xahlee yes! I got that idea from you and use it at home. haven't worked up the courage to use it at work yet though

@xahlee thanks. need better wrist pads but they will do until I find ones I like.

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