So, I have been using Kubuntu for 6 months now. I like it, but I am REALLY tired of it cascading every time my mouse heads to the top left of my screen. Thinking on switching to something different

@PMMEYOURSEXYPOEMS come to the darkside, get arch and install i3. enjoy 2 second boot times and the liberation found in throwing out your mouse

@0x44 I have tried once. Problem is my laptop WIFI drivers are proprietary, so it is a pain to get networking set up for me. I am also doing finals week at my university soon, so I can't invest the time to set Arch up. Would make a fun Summer project though! 🤔


@PMMEYOURSEXYPOEMS I gave up on trying the 'cool' network tools and got network manager installed. makes everything easy. arch should have any drivers you need in the repos, arch isn't a foss-centric distro

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@0x44 might try that. Like I said though, I am mostly just looking around atm because of finals. I think I might just give Arch a second shot when its over though!

@PMMEYOURSEXYPOEMS def do. you'll be the coolest kid at school next term.

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