@SolusSpider how's the IT work in Lexington? My brother in law and his family are just about 30 min down 75. My wife wants to move closer to them and Lexington was one place we were considering.

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@0x44 Lexington is quite a booming city for tech work.
Truthfully though I was never involved in a high level, mostly as local support in the Food Bank and outsourcing as needed.
When we did have a LUG there were many members who were admins of large companies.
Here is a list of large local businesses:
Even if you just visit Lexington sometime give me a shoutout, and the coffee is on me at Coffee Times Coffee House.

@SolusSpider thanks for the list I'll work through it. and yeah, I usually end up there once a year or so. I'll remember to take you up on that offer next time I'm in for a visit

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