Quite pleased to see Mastadon finally implemented instance-wide blocking on a user-to-user level. (Probably did this a while go, I've been off for _ever_)

Anyone use Yocto? Trying and failing to get my Raspberry Pi recipe to build with JRE support. Icedtea keeps failing to build because `error: ‘char* strncpy(char*, const char*, size_t)’ specified bound depends on the length of the source argument [-Werror=stringop-overflow=]`

Swapped my vim for Doom emacs and couldn't be happier!

I started playing with emacs yesterday... and then I discovered Doom Emacs and my 'playing with' has become 'converted too'.

@SolusSpider how's the IT work in Lexington? My brother in law and his family are just about 30 min down 75. My wife wants to move closer to them and Lexington was one place we were considering.

LineageOS users: is it typical for LineageOS to take a while to boot/reboot? I don't mind too much if it does, but this is my second or third reboot and they all take more than a minute.

Running 16 on a Pixel.

ended up going with a Pixel instead of the Nexus 6p. The bootloop that some 6p's suffer scared me and the Pixel is the same price, but a smaller size and newer. Got LineageOS up and running now!

has anyone used mu for indexing with neomutt? I have gotten it setup but am looking for a guide or a script to index with mu, similar to mutt-notmuch

Just purchased a Nexus 6p to replace my S7 so I can move into the world of LineageOS and no more gapps

Working on getting back into Mutt now. It's sorta setup.

Jung types are astrological signs for people with Linked In and Meyers-Briggs is pseudoscience.

Got my April ricing ready to go, and am fully ready to embrace our windows overlords! 😂 😉


Trying to get a [Linux|Python|Rust] User Group started in my area. Here's hoping I can get something working. Might approach my boss about it and see if we can get something together with the CS department.

I want to use neomutt and get away from Thunderbird, but I can't get gmail to act correctly with any mail syncs other than Thunderbird. 😭

The nice thing about Python is if I want to do Foo, a simple search will yield Bar module and Baz guide to using the module. I almost never fail to find a somewhat mature module to solve my problems.

Anyone still using Usenet for its traditional usage? I know it's used for sharing/downloading files, but is comp/sci/alt/soc/ect. still in regular and traditional use? Only time I visited in the last decade it was full of spammers.

Just had a node on a sql cluster failover mid query. Thanks to Dell's voodoo on their m1000e's my query didn't stop because even a yuuuuuge database failsover quickly on 8.4Tbps

It always amazes me that Microsoft cares so little about its users that it isn't bothered to implement a software repository of signed and working binaries.

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